The Hilarious Family Photo

So this may look like an ordinary family photo. We’re laughing, smiling, having fun. But only because as I ran from the camera on self timer into the shot, I tripped on that raised paving you can see right at the bottom middle and very nearly face planted the ground. Now that would’ve been a hilarious family […]

STUDENT SERIES: what’s in my bag?

Today’s Student Series post is a ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post. First of all, I’d invest in a good bag for university. A backpack would be preferable. You’re going to be lugging around heavy books and laptops pretty much 5 days a week so it only makes sense to have something that will protect your […]

STUDENT SERIES: love where you are

Let’s have a virtual conversation right now. Kath: So, where did you choose to study?’ You: [insert choice of school/college/university] Kath: Oh, great. How come you chose there? You: [insert list of things you liked] Kath: Awesome! Sounds really cool. I bet you can’t wait to get exploring, right? … That was fun. Now on […]

STUDENT SERIES: home from home

Moving out from home is hard, no matter what your situation. Throughout my school years, I was fairly independent and confident anyway. I helped around the house, enjoyed cooking and all the other household jobs, so for me, the fact I had to do my own washing, cook all my meals, keep my new place […]

ROAMING: My Glasgow Mini Guide

Hello! Sorry I didn’t stick to my promise of getting back in the blogging swing. I thought I’d have more free time to be doing this but actually, it’s still been a little busy over here. Luckily, it’s all the good kind of busy though, so I have lots to share with you all! Today, […]

ROAMING: S’mug, Glasgow and Getting In The Student Way

S’mug Coffee Bar is my current favourite coffee shop in the West End, so I thought it only right to share it with the world out there. But don’t all come at once… I still want a table 😉 I stopped at S’mug a handful of times last semester, but this semester I’ve been visiting far more, sometimes […]


It’s been a pretty busy week! It’s getting to that crazy dissertation time and with both an English and Modern Studies one to right, all my free time is crammed with that. The yearbook committee which I’m a part of are also getting sorted with that, so we’ve been holding photo days for a our […]