The Art of Finding Focus

[Elsa captured this snap of me on our holiday this year. I love that extended period of time off when all I do is read and no matter what book I’ve got in hand,  I can spend hours at a time focusing on the story.] I’ve been working a lot lately on finding focus. I’ve realised […]

The Art of Being Nice

Back in Primary 4, my school teacher told us not to use the word ‘nice’ in our creative writing. Not even once! We couldn’t describe anyone or anything with it, we had to use our imagination and come up with something different. Sometimes, we just need time to wallow in our own bubble of sadness/misery/disappointment/negativity etc. […]

TVT MONTHLY // January

Hello, everyone! It’s already time for my roundup from January. It really doesn’t feel like just a month ago, Scott and I were flying off to Amsterdam, exploring somewhere new. Time flies when life happens it turns out! I’m kicking off with my favourite snap from the month. I’ve taken no photos this month with the […]

Amsterdam Guide: Day #1

Hello! As promised, I am here with the first day of our mini adventure to Amsterdam. We arrived mid-afternoon on Monday so I’ve piled our evening activities in with this post. This’ll be one of three posts giving you a rough structure for a day, including some of our favourite spots for eating and exploring. However, […]