Song Love #13: Reflection

Hello, friends. I hope your week is going well. I’m feeling amazingly relaxed at home as well as satisfied at how productive I’ve managed to be with essay work. I’m sort of sad to be leaving tomorrow. This time of year in my little home town is particularly special and I really didn’t expect to […]

STUDENT SERIES: home from home

Moving out from home is hard, no matter what your situation. Throughout my school years, I was fairly independent and confident anyway. I helped around the house, enjoyed cooking and all the other household jobs, so for me, the fact I had to do my own washing, cook all my meals, keep my new place […]

My Little Room Tour #2: Getting Ready

^^Wardrobe and pictures above mirror: IKEA   Drawers: B&Q   Card on mirror: Paperchase (thanks, sis!)^^ Hello, again! I’m back with the second part of my little bedroom tour. Today, I’m sharing my wardrobe and drawers and the space I use most to get ready each day. I kept all the furniture simple with the while so it always feels […]

A (Very) Quick Update

Hello! Long time no see. Sorry for the absence, I can definitely say I am pleased to finally have the time to sit down and write on my lovely little blog again. I missed it! Things have been crazy since my birthday weekend. Studying, exams, work, moving out, moving in, decorating, shopping. There has been […]


My October visit to England was lovely.We stayed with my grandparents and spent everyday busy walking, pub quizzing, shopping, browsing or cooking! It was lovely to be ‘home’ again- no matter how long I’m away from Portsmouth, going back always feels that way (though I miss Scotland a lot when I’m there too!) I guess […]