Gifting // The Gentlemen

Disclaimer Again: no, Scott, Dad, Chris, Alex etc., these aren’t your Christmas pressies this year! Hello! Today I’m here with gifting take 2 for the men in your life. Be it boyfriend, brother, Dad or friend, men can be hard to shop for! All the men in my life are really easy on paper. They […]

Gifting // All the Lovely Ladies

FAMILY AND FRIENDS DISCLAIMER: none of you are recieving any of these presents this Christmas… nice try 😉 I always think I’m bad a presents. I either have a brilliant idea and do really well or I struggle to think of something and end up with lots of non-related things which are nice, but seem […]

Letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn,  It’s days like these when I begin to loose my faith in you, Autumn. Your chill and beauty seems lost amidst the grey morning and the sad farewell it brings. You greet me with looming skies throwing cold rain at me, leaving me far from fresh faced. You send your fallen leaves flying around […]