The Creative Bug

A favourite festive snap from last year. Mulled apple… *drool* So I’m currently sitting, mug of tea by my side with Christmas music playing on loop. I’ve a sparkling, candy cane covered, robin topped tree to my left and a glorious smelling cinnamon candle illuminating my pretty red stockings beside it while I jot down […]

Letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn,  It’s days like these when I begin to loose my faith in you, Autumn. Your chill and beauty seems lost amidst the grey morning and the sad farewell it brings. You greet me with looming skies throwing cold rain at me, leaving me far from fresh faced. You send your fallen leaves flying around […]

STUDENT SERIES: what’s in my bag?

Today’s Student Series post is a ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post. First of all, I’d invest in a good bag for university. A backpack would be preferable. You’re going to be lugging around heavy books and laptops pretty much 5 days a week so it only makes sense to have something that will protect your […]

What I’m Wearing: Pretty Midi

I love midi skirts. Floaty ones, fitted one, colourful ones, patterned ones, any kinda ones! I guess it’s just a style I feel suits me but makes me feel comfortable and not be worrying about wardrobe mulfunctions or anything throughout the day. As much as I love fashion and beauty, I also never want to […]

ROAMING// Glasgow Mini Guide #2

Hello! I’m back to share the second installment of my mini guide to Glasgow! You can check out the first post here which included us exploring the University of Glasgow and some of my favourite spots on Byres Road. There will be one final installment in the next few days which features House for an Art […]

Sunshine in Edinburgh

Hi, guys! Scotland has been graced with beautiful sunshine and high temperatures this week (it’s rare, let me tell you.) I’ve been completely making the most of it, despite working and travelling lots. I actually really love travelling. Since moving to Glasgow, I get to get buses and trains home or to visit my man […]

A (Very) Quick Update

Hello! Long time no see. Sorry for the absence, I can definitely say I am pleased to finally have the time to sit down and write on my lovely little blog again. I missed it! Things have been crazy since my birthday weekend. Studying, exams, work, moving out, moving in, decorating, shopping. There has been […]