TVT MONTHLY // October (already?!)

This month has flewn by. Whenever I watch or read monthly favourite videos, they always say ‘I can’t believe it’s this time again.’ And now I see why! It has gone so fast. I have been fully embracing this October. The change in weather, the hustle and bustle of university deadlines, work and visits to […]

Song Love #13: Reflection

Hello, friends. I hope your week is going well. I’m feeling amazingly relaxed at home as well as satisfied at how productive I’ve managed to be with essay work. I’m sort of sad to be leaving tomorrow. This time of year in my little home town is particularly special and I really didn’t expect to […]

TVT LOVES // Autumn Essentials

Well, hello there, lovely people of the internet! So, this post started with some shopping. A very satisfying shop! You know some days you plan to go shopping with nothing in mind and find everything, but usually when you have a list in mind it all goes wrong and you just can’t find what your […]

Song Love #12: Seasonal Songs

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re half way there and we’ve got this down by now, just think of the catch ups with loved ones, indulgent dinners and relaxing evenings to come. If you’re struggling to picture your weekend as more than a mere dream somewhere far in the distance, do what I’m doing right now and […]

Letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn,  It’s days like these when I begin to loose my faith in you, Autumn. Your chill and beauty seems lost amidst the grey morning and the sad farewell it brings. You greet me with looming skies throwing cold rain at me, leaving me far from fresh faced. You send your fallen leaves flying around […]


Hello! So, for many students, term is very soon starting, if it hasn’t already! Coming to university was one of the most exciting, scary, weird, happy, sad experiences of my life, and the strange thing was, I didn’t even realise this a year ago when it was all happening! It’s only now when I think […]

Is it autumn yet?

I decided to do something fun and productive on my days off last week.  I did the food shop, errands and so on, all the boring stuff that is actually really satisfying and kinda fun, before having a total movie chick flick marathon. I’m talking Sleepless in Seattle, 27 Dresses and Crazy, Stupid Love. It was so […]