Dear July

This post is inspired by a video YouTuber Essie Button recently did for another channel called ‘Dear July.’ Dear July, I read a quote yesterday from JK Rowling. She said: “You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity.” Well, July, you’ve thrown adversity my […]

The Art of Being Nice

Back in Primary 4, my school teacher told us not to use the word ‘nice’ in our creative writing. Not even once! We couldn’t describe anyone or anything with it, we had to use our imagination and come up with something different. Sometimes, we just need time to wallow in our own bubble of sadness/misery/disappointment/negativity etc. […]

Amsterdam Guide: planning, packing and tips!

Today I’m sharing, very excitingly for me, some of my tips and tricks from our Amsterdam break last week. Firstly, a bit of background! Scott’s birthday falls in December and our anniversary is New Year’s Eve so each year it’s this big brainstorm session for presents on my part. He’s not hard to shop for […]

Gifting // The Gentlemen

Disclaimer Again: no, Scott, Dad, Chris, Alex etc., these aren’t your Christmas pressies this year! Hello! Today I’m here with gifting take 2 for the men in your life. Be it boyfriend, brother, Dad or friend, men can be hard to shop for! All the men in my life are really easy on paper. They […]

STUDENT SERIES: home from home

Moving out from home is hard, no matter what your situation. Throughout my school years, I was fairly independent and confident anyway. I helped around the house, enjoyed cooking and all the other household jobs, so for me, the fact I had to do my own washing, cook all my meals, keep my new place […]


Hello! So, for many students, term is very soon starting, if it hasn’t already! Coming to university was one of the most exciting, scary, weird, happy, sad experiences of my life, and the strange thing was, I didn’t even realise this a year ago when it was all happening! It’s only now when I think […]