Song Love #16: DANCE IT OUT

After an extended absence from my wee space, I’m returning to things in the way I know and love best. WITH A DANCE! If this song doesn’t make you shake every bit of your body in the most uncoordinated, uncool way possible, then I don’t know what will, and sometimes when things all seem a […]

Song Love #15: Sing Street

I love a film that makes you feel. I love a good cry, a belly laugh, an unstoppable grin. I try to rate my viewing experience, more often than not, by enjoyability. If it made me feel some sort of emotion quite genuinely, it’s usually a winner in my book. Fighting for my favourite film […]

Muscial Moments // You Will Survive!

I spoke recently about my new found love for BBC Radio 2’s Desert Island Discs. There’s something wonderful about hearing the way people’s minds come to associate moments with music. I thought I’d start a series sharing songs that evoke the strongest memories in me. Whether they’re happy or sad, old or new, shared or exclusive to […]

TVT MONTHLY // January

Hello, everyone! It’s already time for my roundup from January. It really doesn’t feel like just a month ago, Scott and I were flying off to Amsterdam, exploring somewhere new. Time flies when life happens it turns out! I’m kicking off with my favourite snap from the month. I’ve taken no photos this month with the […]

TVT MONTHLY // November

Hello! So it’s finally the month. 1st December brings with it festive merriment, cosier vibes and social craziness. I’m excited… I think! Honestly, with the though of exams luring, it’s hard to think of Christmas and all the fun it brings, though I have got most of my Christmas shopping done and we set up […]

TVT MONTHLY // October (already?!)

This month has flewn by. Whenever I watch or read monthly favourite videos, they always say ‘I can’t believe it’s this time again.’ And now I see why! It has gone so fast. I have been fully embracing this October. The change in weather, the hustle and bustle of university deadlines, work and visits to […]

Song Love #13: Reflection

Hello, friends. I hope your week is going well. I’m feeling amazingly relaxed at home as well as satisfied at how productive I’ve managed to be with essay work. I’m sort of sad to be leaving tomorrow. This time of year in my little home town is particularly special and I really didn’t expect to […]