Muscial Moments // You Will Survive!

I spoke recently about my new found love for BBC Radio 2’s Desert Island Discs. There’s something wonderful about hearing the way people’s minds come to associate moments with music. I thought I’d start a series sharing songs that evoke the strongest memories in me. Whether they’re happy or sad, old or new, shared or exclusive to me, I want to note down all those tunes that make me laugh, cry and dance as soon as they come on.

I’m starting out with this classic. A bit of a cheesy classic arguably?! In the midst of exams and all the craziness that falls at this time of year, this song rings true!

Since when… July 2015. Last summer on our holiday, following the incredible Greek dancing display from the family who ran the hotel, Mum and I started a disco amidst the locals and holiday goers. This came on and along with a lovely lady called Nelly from Edinburgh, we sung and danced our hearts out.

Because…  The words felt appropriate at the time and the beat was just what we needed in our cocktail infused urge to boogie!

Listen… Preferably on a Greek island with a group of strangers, drink in hand and spirits running high! If purchasing flights and accommodation is a little out of reach, then shamelessly belt it out in the shower (sorry, flatmates!), boogie around the kitchen with your best gal pals or hit the dance floor on a night out with your favourite people. Just make sure you’re singing it loud and very badly!

And don’t forget… you will survive!!!

My list of songs to share is already long! Let me know if you have memories of this song or have something different that evokes those same happy memories of shamelessly singing and dancing around with fabulous people!

Kath x


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