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DSC_0225.JPGI feel like every Spring I get this new wave of inspiration, energy and motivation. This week has been the complete opposite. Spring just hasn’t sprung yet in my world, and it seems my urge to get back to writing is just slowly waiting to bloom! Sometimes, I just like the idea of sitting with my laptop in front of me, feeling and hearing the keys tap away as words seem to drift in and out of my head. Sometimes, I read another post, share a great video, love someone’s photo, and just think ‘I want to create that.’ Sometimes, I panic about the future. What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? Yes, I need to focus on enjoying where I am right now, but now is also the time to be building the foundations for what I want to do one day.

They’re the three biggest things that currently make me want to get back to blogging. That phrase seems sort of weird. ‘Get back to.’ I was never fully here, I kind of never fully left. My space is always here, I always think of it and see it pop up and wonder about it. I don’t always have the desire to make it grow or become anything big, but I always have the desire to share, and this is the place I always think to do that. Why I talk myself out of it, I’m not sure. I watched my favourite blogger Naomi and her husband Josh of LoveTaza do an interview and they spoke about creating a legacy for their family and sharing their story with at least one person so it’s stored securely in the world somewhere. I like to think of this blog, these pages, as my hub. Somewhere I can always come back to and gradually build up, or somewhere I can just leave alone, safe in the knowledge that when I return, it will all still be intact. It’s a bit like my personal library. I only like to store the really good books, the ones I really loved or cared about or felt something for. If it fits, I’ll pop it on the shelf. If not, I don’t mind not adding to it for a while until the right thing comes along.

So every time I haven’t written for a while I think, ‘I better explain myself!’ The truth of the matter is though, there is no reason to explain. While this blog is always on my radar, it isn’t always top of my list of things to do. It’s hard finding your identity. I think maybe it’s even harder trying to create a version of it to put down. But it’s fun too! And whether I’m here for weeks or away for months, this space will continue to grow. In content, as I write and create, but also in value, as I return back to my hub for a little reality check once in a while.

I could string off a number of posts from this but for now I’m just going to leave it at that and return another day.

Kath x

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