Letter to Autumn


Dear Autumn, 

It’s days like these when I begin to loose my faith in you, Autumn. Your chill and beauty seems lost amidst the grey morning and the sad farewell it brings. You greet me with looming skies throwing cold rain at me, leaving me far from fresh faced. You send your fallen leaves flying around me with a wind that makes my outfit choice somewhat complicated and the bitter chill cut through my layers. Your landscape seems bleak and sad with little to see. As I traipse laden with heavy bags away from my love through, cold and wet and wind, you leave little for me to find love for, Autumn. 

But then I stop myself for a moment and look up. I realise that it’s not just leaves flying around me wildly, but pops of the reds, oranges and yellows that I love. The bright clear sky you bring is there in the distance somewhere and the rain just falls as it does any other day of the year and no matter how hard I begrudge it, it won’t go away. I walk briskly feeling comfortable and cosy inside my rain coat and boots. All the things I spend summer waiting for are all around me if I just look a little harder, and I begin to remember just why you’re my favourite time of year, Autumn. As I approach the train station where I so often meet my love, I can’t help but smile a little. I feel grateful for the regular morning service and when I’m wrapped up cosy in the warmth of my carriage among the commuters and busy day do-ers, writing this very letter to you Autumn, I feel that familiar wave of satisfaction. It’s that feeling that means I never really loose my faith in you. 

As the day moves on, I feel calmer but still long for you to take me home to the cosy comfort of my bed. I walk back in bright sunshine with the wind chill once more on my face but instead of feeling resentful, I bury in to my scarf and silently celebrate. I come home to the warmth of my cushion laden bed and comfiest clothes. I pull the blind, hiding away the glimpse of your sunshine and instead decide to think back to the cold and the rain and the feeling of comfort I so longed for. I dream of yesterday. Of warm embraces, music to make my heart melt and afternoon naps. I dream for tomorrow, for the next months. Afternoons of blankets and hot apple, candles and fairy lights, rom-coms and fairy tales, magical music and addictive reads, casseroles and all comfort food, friends and family. You inspire me, Autumn, to be lazy and allow some room for guilt free relaxation and indulgence, to be creative and daring, to love even more, even stronger each day. You inspire me, Autumn. So thank you, and bring on the coming months!

Kath xxx

This post was competely and utterly inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s ‘Letters to Autumn’ series this month. Seriously, it is beautiful! Go watch here.

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