CELEBRATIONS: I love you all!

10373485_10152434907141378_1117413632811945176_nYesterday was a major cause for celebration. Not only was it Jordan’s birthday but also Lydia’s 21st… that’s a big one! Even if it hadn’t been though, any excuse for pancakes, balloons, Prosecco and late night dancing. Celebrating with these guys ended up being super special in so many ways other than the fact that they are both amazing and deserved to be spoilt.

Lyd was playing the day down but I wanted to something silly and fun so worked on a banner you can see in the last picture. I mean, woah! I’ve got crafting skills to aspire to, clearly! Aha, so maybe not but it was colourful and silly and did the job for a cute surprise in the morning. We cooked up blueberry buttermilk pancakes (I shared the recipe here… this is becoming a habit!) and did presents over breakfast. Her family had sweet gifts for her, including a little video message sent from down South. It was adorable and so wonderful to see the smile on her face!

The day was filled with university and essays for all of us but come 6 o’clock, we were having a lasagne picnic on Lyd’s floor with Prosecco and girly chatters. The only thing I would change about the flat right now is so we would have an extra room for Hayls so she could always be here! It was so fun getting ready together. We shared each others clothes and tried on outfits, borrowed lipsticks, gave each other advice, danced to Shakira (old style!) and snapped photos galore… largely unsuccesfully! We love our flat but that kitchen lighting is clearly not photo suited. However, it did give me a chance to play around with B&W, hence the theme of this post. I’m all for colour, but I kinda love these… what do you guys think?

DSC_0031 DSC_0005 10721117_10152587840993881_479149667_n DSC_0023Ahh, what a bunch of beauties, eh?! I really love these blurry, unaware photos. They seem even more beautiful than the usual in a way.

When we were all dolled up, we headed over to Jordan’s flat for drinks. It was so much fun to be with pretty much all of the gang from halls last year again! I think this was the first time we were all going out together since well before summer. We sung and danced to all the songs we did last year, caught up on university, summer and life and just laughed at all the silly little things that seem really funny after a couple of drinks! Elsa dragged me off to her room for a heart to heart and it ended up with the girls all in her room getting all soppy and telling each other how much we love each other and how glad we are that we’re friends (see the first picture of the post!) We also had an opportunity to prove our care and support for each other when I tripped over face first. Only Lydia asked if I was okay (which I was and thank you, Lyd!) while the others laughed hysterically. Anna kept laughing and saying ‘I just keep replaying it in my head!’ She’s so supportive, hehe! I’ve only a bruised knee and the memory of laughing with girls to show for it so no complaints on my part.

It was equally awesome seeing the boys again too. Ali was particularly impressing us with his dance moves before we headed out. He was doing MJ style dancing to be proud of! I tips-ily thanked Kieran too. He was the one who text me back in March time and said he’d found my blog and been reading through it. It was then that I refound my love for this little space and 8 months later, here we are! We danced all night to R&B in da club (…that was an inside joke which in hindsight isn’t going to translate well on a blog for everyone and anyone!!!) before heading home for early morning food and late night bed times. What a successful night?!

I really wanted to share this night and write down all my favourite memories, for you, myself and all my friends too. I’ve actually spent the day texting Mum about it or telling Scott on the phone. It was one of those nights filled with so many special memories that I don’t want to, and really know I won’t, forget.

So thank you friends. I love you all!

Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “CELEBRATIONS: I love you all!

  1. These wild nights filled with friend bonding time are so wonderful. They’re definitely the ones that stick out in your mind years later. The photo at the top with your whole group of girl friends is so adorable. Despite being a little blurry (which just gives it character), it’s one worth framing on the wall!


  2. the photos are fab, the high grain effect is cool especially with group pics – agree with Cat, a great wall photo) and often something people do deliberatly, the one of ur friends looking at phone works as the shadows make it mor conspiratorial, and anyway its high contrast (full white to deep black)

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