DSC_0023Hello! So, for many students, term is very soon starting, if it hasn’t already! Coming to university was one of the most exciting, scary, weird, happy, sad experiences of my life, and the strange thing was, I didn’t even realise this a year ago when it was all happening! It’s only now when I think of the fact one whole year has passed since I met all the amazing people I now love and call my friends, moved out of home, became properly independent and all the other exciting things that have happened, that I realise I felt all those emotions while it was happening. I spent all summer searching for tips and advice on everything and anything and so wanted to share my little bit for all you nervous/excited students-to-be out there!

This week I’ll be sharing 5 posts on 5 areas I found most enjoyable, valuable or fun about the first year of university and, most importantly, independent life. There’ll be a post on silly things like fashion, stationary and home comforts, as well as more serious posts on time management and making the most of where you are. I’m kicking off today with a What I’m Wearing. 

Before I say anything, I’ve gotta just say excuse my hair in this post! Damp hair and wind don’t mix with a mane like mine!! My style has changed repeatedly this last year. It has been inspired by many of my friends (I’m calling this one ‘The Lydia’), has become based around comfort and suitability for work over summer, had adapted to the unpredictable Glaswegian weather and has become mainly about comfort and minimal effort rather than looking put together and cool. As a student, you’ll soon realise that comfort is everything. Whether it was chatting till the wee hours with the new people you meet, going out drinking and dancing, having movie nights or just staying up late thinking about everything that is suddenly going on in your life, sleep will fall down your list of priorities. And in my opinion, it should! Make the most of those long lazy evenings in with the gang or that wild night out followered by 2am pizza and cups of tea. It’s those moments that make the best memories so embrace them! Just know that if you do, the next morning, you won’t want to face thinking about what looks cool and stylish and good, you’ll just want to have an outfit that you know looks kinda okay when thrown on with little thought!

DSC_0049 DSC_0046^^Skirt: JOY   Jumper: H&M   Boots: Dorothy Perkins   Sunglasses: Topshop^^

This outfit is fairly new to me. I wanted a couple of pieces to take me in to autumn winter because, despite it being August, the temperature has already dramatically dropped here. I love JOY but it is most definitely out of a student budget price range. I had a quick look on their online sale the other day, expecting to see only summer dresses. This skirt popped up and seemed like the kind of thing I could layer for winter or dress up for evenings out.

That’s another thing to think about, if you can’t afford loads of new outfits, try getting items that are versatile for day and night. Glasgow clubs and bars tend to have a pretty casual vibe so you don’t need fancy dresses and heels even at the weekends if you don’t want.

I got the jumper in H&M a couple of days ago, I just love that colour! I hadn’t thought about pairing the two together till I got home but, voila, a slouchy, comfy but pretty cool outfit that doesn’t need much effort. I’ll wear the skirt with my heeled fringe boots and a tank top for evenings and the jumper is also great with jeans and brown boots so both items are really wearable.
DSC_0047 DSC_0034Hope this outfit gives you some inspiration! Most of all, remember to be yourself and go with things you feel comfortable and happy in. On the day I moved in to halls, my flatmate who I’d just met, Jamie, invited me to play football with some people he’d met the night before. I headed over in a pretty dress I thought looked nice to meet everyone in but couldn’t actually play or get in to it because it was too short! I ran back to my room to change pretty swiftly but was nervous the whole time they were going to move somewhere else and I’d lose them all and be the lonely new girl!! You don’t want to be holding back when meeting new people because you’re not feeling your best or not feeling comfortable. Just ensure you can have fun and can be yourself, it’s the best way to meet new people. 

Kath xxx

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